Global conference on efforts to improve United Nations support to countries’ development priorities hosted by Viet Nam

Jun 14, 2010

Ha Noi – An international  gathering on UN reform efforts at the country level – the‘High Level Tripartite  Conference on Delivering  as One: Lessons  from Country-led  Evaluation  and Way Forward’  – is taking  place  in Ha Noi from 14-16  June.  The event brings together  over 260 participants  from eight countries  piloting the ‘Delivering  as One’ approach,  eight  countries  having voluntary adopted the Delivering as One approach and seven countries that were invited to exchange experiences , 22 countries that have funded and are interested in the UN reform process, delegates from the UN, international organizations and diplomatic missions in Viet Nam.

During  the  meeting,  participants  will  share  the  findings  and conclusions  from  the  Country-Led Evaluations  of  the  experiences drawn  from pilot  countries.  Based  on  the  lessons  learned,  the conference  will set out an agenda for further actions required to enhance, deepen and expand the ‘Delivering  as  One’  approach. The  Conference  is  also  a  forum  to  communicate  to  donors  the progress as well as challenges in adopting the 'Delivering as One' approach.

In 2007 eight countries (Albania, Cape Verde, Pakistan, Mozambique,  Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay and Viet Nam)  agreed to become ‘Delivering as One’ pilots in an effort to improve the coherence, effectiveness and relevance of the United Nations system. Both pilot countries and UN country teams took on an ambitious task: to be the first to implement  changes  and demonstrate  the benefits  of closely coordinated actions across different UN agencies supporting each country. The ‘Delivering as One’  approach  has since been  voluntarily  adopted  by a growing number  of other  countries, and tremendous commitment and energy has gone into making this element of UN reform a reality.

The High-Level Tripartite Conference in Ha Noi reflects the commitment of the Government of Viet Nam in collaborating with the UN in promoting a more coherent, effective and efficient UN at the country level.

The High Level Tripartite Conference officially opened on 14 June under the chair of Mr Nguyen The Phuong, Vice-Minister  for the Ministry of Planning and Investment of the Government  of Viet Nam, and the Chair of the UN Development Group, Ms. Helen Clark. Pilot countries will present and share findings, lessons learnt and conclusions from country-led evaluations.

With five main pillars of the 'Delivering as One' initiative - One plan/ One programme; One fund; One set of management practice/ One house; One leader and One voice, participants will on 15 June take part in parallel thematic workshops with a view to adopting an action agenda for further improvements in implementing  these  pillars  in pilot  countries  as well  in voluntary  countries.  The  themes  are  i) National ownership and leadership and coherence of the contribution of the UN system; ii) Responsiveness  of  the  UN  system  to  national  needs  and  priorities;  iii)  Effectiveness  of  the  UN system; iv) Business practices; and v) Funding.

On Wednesday  16 June, the Opening  Ceremony  of the High Level segment  of the conference  is expected  to be attended  by His  Excellency  Mr. Nguyen  Tan  Dung,  Prime  Minister  of Viet  Nam; Minister  of  Planning  and  Investment,  Mr  Vo  Hong  Phuc;  the United Nations  Deputy  Secretary General,   Ms.  Asha  Rose Migiro,   and  high  level  leaders  from  other  countries,   national and international organizations.

The  conference  is expected  to arrive  at Ha  Noi  Statement charting  a clear  way  forward  for  the "Delivering  as One” initiative,  reiterating  the commitment  of the Government  of the pilot countries; countries voluntarily adopting 'Delivering as One' approach; donors and UN system in further action to ensure that the UN development system delivers as one more effectively at the country level.

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