UN attributes latest reform success to national leadership

Sep 22, 2011

Ha Noi – The UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF Executive Boards on 13 September approved the joint Viet Nam Common Country Programme Document (CCPD) for 2012-2016.

“This is the first time ever that UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF in Viet Nam have submitted a joint country programme document and it represents a milestone in the UN reform process in Viet Nam,” said UN Resident Coordinator a.i. in Viet Nam, Mr Eamonn Murphy. Mr Murphy attributed this success to the national ownership and strong leadership shown by the Government of Viet Nam.

The joint country programme document is drawn from the draft UN One Plan for 2012-2016, which represents the joint priorities and focus areas of all the UN agencies working in Viet Nam, under the Delivering as One initiative.

The new One Plan responds to Viet Nam’s needs as a new middle-income country. It focuses on three broad areas: Inclusive, Equitable and Sustainable Growth; Access to Quality Essential Services and Social Protection; and Enhancing Governance and Participation.

The One Plan emphasizes high-quality technical assistance, capacity development at national and sub-national levels, and the UN’s acknowledged comparative advantage in convening stakeholders and expanding partnerships. It also aims to ensure greater efficiency by reducing duplication, improving coordination and simplifying UN procedures in Viet Nam.

Developed under a tri-partite task force structure which brought together the Government, the UN Country Team and donors, the One Plan aligns with national planning processes, particularly the Viet Nam 2011-2015 Socio-Economic Development Plan.

“National ownership is essential and the strong commitment and leadership of the Government of Viet Nam has been fundamental to the success of the UN reform process, both globally and here in Viet Nam,” said Mr Murphy.

Donors also acknowledged the deep commitment of the Government and the UN in Viet Nam in developing the CCPD and the next One Plan, and how the documents align with national priorities.

“[The] ability to respond effectively to national development is what the Delivering as One framework was designed to do and, as strong supporters of DaO, we are heartened to see successful practical examples of the added value that this approach can bring. Having all activities of the UN Country Team in one plan under one budget can help strengthen the transparency and accountability of the UN to all stakeholders in Vietnam's development,” the joint donor statement to the Executive Boards stated.

In addition, the donor statement commended the UN in Viet Nam for the development of the One Plan Fund. “Our impression is that the system for allocations from the One Fund to specific agencies and projects continues to improve. The funding of the Delivering as One approach has been a complex one to work through, and again, it is very heartening to see that the One Fund concept can work well in practice.”

Speaking on 21 September to the UN General Assembly in New York, the UN Secretary-General also echoed the important role of the Delivering as One initiative.

“At this time of austerity, we must do more with less. We must invest the global taxpayers’ money wisely, eliminate waste and avoid duplication by Delivering as One. Accountability and transparency remain our watchwords. We are accountable to the Member States. Yet we cannot become more efficient without their strong and consistent support,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

The Mission of the United Nations in Viet Nam

The United Nations, in partnership with the government and people of Viet Nam, works to ensure that all Vietnamese people enjoy an increasingly healthy and prosperous life with greater human dignity and expanded choices. Collectively and through its individual agencies, the United Nations cares and creates opportunities for the poor and most vulnerable, and for youth, to whom the future belongs.

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