Public Administration Reform - Partnership forum: Enhanced M&E for Public Administration Reform in Viet Nam

Nov 15, 2012

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on 15 November jointly held the Public Administration Reform Partnership Forum “Enhancing Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Administration Reform in Viet Nam” in Ha Noi. The Forum focused on the implementation of the PAR Master Programme for 2011-2020, with special attention paid to the PAR Index and its pilot results at central and local levels.

Forum participants including representatives from embassies, international development organizations, local  and  international  non-government  organizations,  ministries  and media  agencies  heard  MoHA Deputy Minister Nguyen Tien Dinh say: "The Forum’s Agenda brings updated information about the implementation of the PAR Master Programme for 2011-2020 into focus, particularly the role and significance of monitoring and evaluation of PAR. Concurrently, the next steps in the widespread application of the PAR Index will be highlighted.”

According to the  MoHA, the  review of  the  decade-long  PAR  Master Programme’s  implementation indicated that the PAR process had gained significant outcomes in a number of public administration areas, which had made positive contributions to the nation’s economic development, democratization of society, accelerated international economic integration, enhanced and sustained social and political stability.

However, the MoHA revealed that the Government of Viet Nam had few tools to scientifically and quantitatively evaluate the PAR results achieved in ministries, sectors and localities  as part of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process. The assessment was largely qualitative, subjective and lacked significant  participation  in  the  evaluation  process.  As  a  result,  it  is  unclear  whether  the  reform objectives have been fully met.

The MoHA, at the Forum, also made public the PAR Index’s development with the support of the UNDP PAR Project, to address shortcomings in the PAR’s M&E during the past decade. The PAR Index is regarded as a new management tool in implementing the PAR Master Programme for 2011-2020, which can assure a scientific, systematic and result-based approach for PAR implementation. The Index has also helped to mobilize the participation of the State people and business community in the evaluation of PAR’s implementation and its impacts in a more practical and objective manner.

“PAR Index is a breakthrough tool because it moves away from traditional Government internal evaluations on service delivery. It provides a voice from citizens on the quality and their levels of satisfaction with public administrative agencies and the services they provide,” Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Country Director, told the Forum. Chamberlain also highlighted the key elements of the new PAR Index, including users’ perspectives,   adjustment of the index based on feedback   from pilot implementation and the use of other measurement tools to get additional independent and objective evidence.

At the Forum, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Vinh Phuc Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) representatives presented the PAR Index pilot results and their experiences during the implementation stage.

The Vinh Phuc DoHA representative said: “The most important lesson learnt from the pilot process was to give priority to two key stages - preparatory work and human resources. Solid preparation helps craft an achievable work plan and appropriate direction.  Good preparation of human resources helps choose talented people who can fulfill their tasks. These are the two most important factors contributing to the success of the pilot in Vinh Phuc.”

The  Forum is an annual event to create a  high-level policy dialogue mechanism between  the Government of Viet Nam and international development partners in implementing public administration reform in Viet Nam. The forum provides an opportunity for concerned parties to exchange policy-related information, views and experiences in key areas of the reform process.

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