Disaster preparedness education through folk games

Nov 4, 2017

4 November 2017 – On the occasion of World Tsunami Awareness Day, traditional games were organized around the Hoa Kiem Lake at the heart of Ha Noi city, to raise awareness on the risks of tsunamis and disaster prevention measures.  

The innovative education-entertainment initiative is part of the “Schools of Son Tinh” campaign, targeting school-age children and youth. It is supported by the Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority, the Government of Japan, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“Although traditional and folk games are very popular in Viet Nam, the disaster preparedness education through these methods is new. Youth and students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that may potentially save their lives,” said UNDP Country Director in Viet Nam Caitlin Wiesen.

Last month, the country suffered from severe rains and floods. More than 50 people lost their lives that is one of the highest death tolls recorded in the country from flooding. Thousands of houses were destroyed and people evacuated.

“Disasters are increasingly unpredictable and no one can avoid them. So, it is important to promote educational activities to children and the public. Walking street in Ha Noi city is where we relax. Through folk games we not only enjoy but also learn about the disaster prevention knowledge,” said Live & Learn Country Director in Viet Nam Do Van Nguyet.

According to the long-term average Climate Risk Index from 1996 to 2015, Viet Nam ranks among the world's top ten countries most affected by disasters.

In the past, Viet Nam experienced some 6.7 to 6.8 magnitude earthquakes. Scientists from the Institute of Geophysics have predicted that any earthquake of 8.6 magnitude in the East Sea could trigger 7-10 metres high tsunamis along the South Central coastal region of Viet Nam, from Quang Nam to Da Nang.

The “Schools of Son Tinh” campaign is part of UNDP’s regional project to strengthen tsunami preparedness in 90 schools in 18 Asia-Pacific countries.

In Viet Nam, the campaign is organized in partnership with Live and Learn, the Viet Nam Student Newspaper and My Hanoi youth groups. The campaign combines tsunami education programmes, safety drills, and awareness raising activities across Viet Nam.

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