Speechat the launch of project 'Capacity Enhancement for Intensive International Integration of Viet Nam toward 2020'

Dec 20, 2012

Speaker: UNDP Country Director, Ms. Louise Chamberlain
Date:       December 20th, 2:00pm   
Event:      Launch of Project ‘Capacity Enhancement for Intensive International Integration of Viet Nam toward 2020’
Venue:     MOFA, No. 1 Ton That Dam Street, Ha Noi

Honorable Phạm Bình Minh, Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Honorable Bùi Thanh Sơn, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to be part of our joint launch today of the project ‘Capacity Enhancement for Intensive International Integration of Viet Nam toward 2020’.

May I on behalf of the United Nations commend the Government of Viet Nam, and in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), for its efforts in broadening external relations, engaging proactively in international integration and taking initiatives to find solutions to issues of common interests of the regional and global community such as global climate change, sustainable development, food security, achieving the Millennium Development Goals, Anti-Corruption and Human Rights.

Viet Nam’s already active efforts in economic integration has paid off as the country’s economy has grown exponentially in the last twenty years, resulting in a remarkable improvement in the quality and longevity of life for its people.

However, there are challenges ahead. While Viet Nam has reached the lower middle income status, the per capita income remains one of the lowest in the Asian region. Economic integration is currently widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Too few jobs are generated for the youth and in informal sectors. Disparity among population groups is widening as poverty, low education and poor health remain persistent among the Ethnic Minority groups and in remote areas. The country faces a challenge in ensuring that an educated and skilled workforce can maintain the momentum of economic growth. In addition to the negative impacts of global crises, prolonged macro-economic difficulties are posing challenges for Viet Nam to continue its impressive development path.

Facing such challenges, Viet Nam is looking for ways to “restructure” its economies and “renovate” its growth model, to move upwards in the value chain and at the same time ensure that the growth is inclusive and equitable, that it is sustainable and resilient to economic and climate shocks.
Through this project, UNDP will continue our support to increase the government of Viet Nam’s access to the most advanced development thinking and most updated information on the changing nature of the international political economy, and to relevant international experiences and expertise needed for Viet Nam to address these challenges.

This will be done through the project supported policy research, analyses and debates, especially on impact of integration policies and/or of specific bilateral agreements on human development in Viet Nam. An important component of this support is the continuation of the Viet Nam Executive Leadership Programme (VELP) as a unique mechanism to provide an elite cohort of Vietnamese policymakers and executive leaders with intensive training sessions and an opportunity to engage in focused discussion with leading/world class academics, practitioners and corporate executives.  

This support is a small but strategic contribution to Viet Nam’s efforts in ensuring that growth regains robustness and brings equal benefits to the poor, generates jobs, and translates into social development progress. As a key development partner for the Government of Viet Nam, we also hope that the project will help accelerate progress in implementation of already identified and decided necessary reforms.

The project will also aim to strengthen Viet Nam’s contribution to the formulation of global agendas and solutions to global problems. The support will enable Vietnamese officials to exchange relevant development experience with other developing countries in a wide range of disciplines.  

Your Excellency, Minister BinhMinh,
I take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other key Government institutions for the good partnership in formulating this project. I believe that our continued cooperation and good lessons we have learned from the past will contribute to the successful implementation of this project. I look forward to seeing its concrete contributions to further development of Viet Nam, beyond the low level middle income status and towards prosperity for all Vietnamese. 

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

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