Speech at the launch of the project “Strengthening the Impact of Public Administration Reform in Can Tho city”

Jan 16, 2013

Speaker:   Ms. Louise Chamberlain, UNDP Country Director
Date:         Wednesday, 16 January 2013
Event:       Launch of the project “Strengthening the Impact of Public Administration Reform in Can Tho city”
Venue:      Ninh Kieu 2 Hotel, Can Tho City

Mr. Trần Thanh Mẫn, Secretary of the Communist Party of Can Tho city
Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Sơn, Chairman, People’s Committee of Can Tho city
Mr. Nguyễn Duy Thăng, Vice Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs;
Ladies and gentlemen:

I have the great pleasure to be with you today to launch the project “Strengthening the Impact of Public Administration Reform in Can Tho city”.

The United Nations Development Programme has a long history of cooperation with the Government of Viet Nam in support of building a modern and efficient public administration that provides better quality public services to its citizens.

The launch of this new project is one of the fruits borne from this partnership. Its priorities reflect the Government’s objective to achieve higher quality public administrative services by 2020. As a low middle income country, more efficient delivery of public services is a key ingredient to achieve higher levels of socio-economic development. Given that most interactions between citizens and public services happen at the local level, it is important to invest in improved local service delivery.

The emphasis on improved local service delivery as an accelerator of public administration reform has been confirmed by the Government with the issuance of Decree 36/2012/ND-CP in April 2012 which clarifies the functions, task, structure and organization of ministries. The first online conference was hosted by the Government last year to coordinate with all 63 provincial governments on the plans for the modernization of one-stops-shops and inter-related one-stop-shops in coordination with the Ministry of Information and Technology.

Another important change that happened last year was the adoption of the proposal on “accelerating the reform of the civil service system” as per Prime Minister’s Decision 1557/2012/QD-TT from October 2012. This Decision aims to strengthen the quality of administrative services and public service delivery. It is expected to help change the competencies and skills of the contingent of civil servants through the deepening of human resource reform.

Taking into account these recent developments, the new four-year public administration programme of UNDP focuses on two essential priorities: enhanced quality of public services at the local level and human resources reform. The programme has been developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the four selected localities of Bac Giang, Can Tho, Da Nang and Ha Tinh.  The four localities represent diverse provincial profiles, and they share a strong political commitment to the public administration reform agenda. They stand out for their innovative approaches to improving administrative service delivery and human resources procedures.

Given its promising work on both human resources reform and improvement of administrative services, Can Tho city has been a strong candidate for receiving UNDP support alongside three other localities. Some of the good practices in place in Can Tho are the “Can Tho-150 Project” which provides a scheme for excellent civil servants to undertake postgraduate studies abroad. Secondly, Can Tho has implemented the One-Stop-Shop mechanism every effectively, resulting in one of the highest coverages of One-Stop-Shops throughout the province.

The project we are launching today, will help further develop the One Stop Shop and Inter-agency One Stop Shops mechanism through the acceleration of online processing of citizens’ files. The project will also help improve the quality and performance of civil servants through the development of a better staff management system and capacity building.

We hope that the innovative work of Can Tho in improving human resources and administrative procedures will spearhead country-wide efforts, and we look forward to facilitating experience sharing amongst provinces and central Government agencies on how to upscale successful practices for nationwide replication.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will continue to be actively involved in this new initiative, and will host a separate project component at the central level to promote knowledge-sharing amongst the four provinces, and facilitate policy dialogue to replicate good practices country-wide.

I would like to thank Can Tho People’s Committee, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the project teams in Can Tho’s Department of Home Affairs and the UNDP PAR MOHA project for their efforts in preparing today’s project launch. More so, I wish to appreciate your pioneering leadership to take Public Administration Reform further in your province, in the interest of strengthening the performance of Government to serve people, the citizens.

From UNDP’s side, we look very much forward to our new partnership in Can Tho city.
I wish you all good health and happiness, and the very best in the New Calendar Year.

Xin Cam On va Chuc Suc Khoe!