UNDP in the News

  • Resolving institutional bottlenecks, governance reforms key for Viet Nam's development

    The Vietnamese Government and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will jointly hold an international conference titled “Economic Reforms for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth: International Experience and Lessons for Vietnam” in Hanoi on 24 and 25 March to bring international lessons and experiences to assist Vietnam in furthering the economic reforms in its pursuit for more inclusive and sustainable growth.

  • “600.000 officials in asset-declaration list is vast”

    If Vietnam would like to effectively manage the asset declaration of public officials, the important thing is to clarify which income and what sources the declaration aims at. If it is only their salaries, I would say that many of them are living far beyond their formal income

  • Public polled on justice system satisfaction

    Viet Nam's first-ever justice index was released yesterday, casting light on citizens' feelings towards the country's judicial procedures. The findings revealed that some people have lost faith in the system due to the inefficiency of State agencies to meet legal requirements, address civil disputes and respond to administrative complaints. The Justice Index 2012 polled more than 5,000 people from a cross-section of society across 21 provinces and cities nationwide.

  • Right to live free of pollution unprotected in Vietnam

    Nguyen Van Muoi has been falling sick every few weeks ever since a composite ware factory opened adjacent to his house a year ago. “You wouldn’t know how terrible the smell of recycled plastic is,” said the 50-year-old motorbike mechanic in Long An Province’s Chau Thanh District. “All my neighbors and I have complained to local authorities at several levels. They did inspect the site but it only made the factory owner more cunning by working at night to avoid inspectors.”

  • Land should not be revoked for private investor projects: UNDP expert

    One of weaknesses of Vietnam’s Land Law is the government's involvement revoking land for private investor projects, said UNDP Policy Advisor for Rule of Law and Access to Justice, Nicholas Booth

  • UNDP highlights gender inequality

    More efforts need to be made in ensuring gender equality across the justice sector to better protect women's rights, experts suggested at yesterday's fourth legal policy dialogue between Viet Nam and the United Nations Development Programme.

  • Viet Nam needs new approaches to fight corruption

    When families have to pay bribes to get medical care, or when parents have to bribe to get their children enrolled in school, it is the poorest who can least afford to pay and suffer the most. When people have to pay to get a job in the public sector, it is not the best and brightest who get the job. When bribes become common practice and part of daily interactions, trust and confidence in the public sector gets eroded.

  • Vietnam Land Law revision should improve fairness, transparency - analysts

    Fish farmer Doan Van Vuon became something of a folk hero earlier this year when he used homemade landmines and guns to stop local officials, police and soldiers from forcibly taking his land in northern Vietnam.

  • Reaching the Millennium Development Goals – picking up the pace

    I’m sure you can visualize the agony of a runner who enters the last lap of a race in the lead, but in sight of the finishing line relaxes the pace, only to see another runner pass him by.

  • Viet Nam makes efforts in promoting and protecting human rights

    With a view to contributing further to the joint efforts of the UN and the international community in promoting and protecting human rights on the world, Viet Nam has joined almost all important international conventions on human rights and made efforts to make basic human rights be respected and better ensured. Viet Nam News Agency interviewed Ms Pratibha Mehta, UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam, about Viet Nam’s efforts in promoting and protecting human rights, as well as the UN assistance to Viet Nam in this area.