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  • Free and equal

    Can you imagine what it would be like to be afraid of pubic shame, of bullying or violence simply for being yourself?

  • Vietnam Land Law revision should improve fairness, transparency - analysts

    Fish farmer Doan Van Vuon became something of a folk hero earlier this year when he used homemade landmines and guns to stop local officials, police and soldiers from forcibly taking his land in northern Vietnam.

  • Vietnam needs new approaches to fight corruption

    On December 9, International Anti-corruption Day is marked around the world and commitments to crack down on corruption are renewed. The day is also an important reminder of the tremendous human cost of corruption, which affects everyone, with the poor suffering the most.

  • No big deal

    "Envelope money" is so much the norm that it is not seen as a tainted practice

  • Disasters inflame poverty fears

    UN estimateds suggest that between 1975 and 2000, 94 per cent of all people killed by disasters worldwide were living on low or lower-middle incomes. This shows just how vulnerable poor people are to disasters and climate risks.

  • Rising waters

    Developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region must build up climate resiliency and shift towards lower-carbon pathways if they want to sustain hard-won human development gains attained over the past decades in the changing climate context.

  • New report confirms corruption as entrenched as ever

    A national survey released last week has found that while local companies complain that corruption makes business more difficult, they see bribery as not only a key to success, but as an inseparable part of Vietnamese business culture.

  • UN survey queries Vietnamese about corruption

    Many people in Vietnam consider bribery to be a systemic problem. But a new survey by the United Nations and the Vietnamese government aims to give ordinary citizens a means to voice their experience with corruption so authorities can do something about it.

  • Petty graft pervades society

    The domestic media often grapples over major corruption cases that deal with huge amounts of money and involve high-ranking officials, such as the PMU 18 scandal. While such headline-grabbing stories must be reported, petty corruption has not received the same level of attention compared to the "big fish".

  • Vietnam's Move to Publish Earnings Hailed

    Mired by mismanagement and debt, Mired by mismanagement and debt, state-owned enterprises are the bane of the Vietnamese economy. But a recent move to publicize earnings is being hailed as a revolutionary step towards reform.