UNDP in the News

  • Viet Nam’s 100 % renewable energy target attainable: UNDP official

    Green economy is the new watchword for many countries as they eye sustainable development. In Việt Nam, the Government encourages all sectors to aspire for green growth. In 2012 the Việt Nam National Green Growth Strategy was formulated, and has been embraced by all sectors in around 40 provinces and cities. Việt Nam News speaks to Louise Chamberlain, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country director in Việt Nam, about the country’s green growth.

  • Alleviating poverty in wake of great progress
  • Land disputes in Vietnam: a burden with few solutions
  • Breaking gender stereotypes: how to make the ‘abnormal’ normal

    Over the past few days I have met with several very talented young people - film makers, script writers and researchers - who are helping to challenge the way we think about women and men. Many spoke about how the UN’s #Howabnormal film competition had forced them to question gender stereotypes, and absurdities they see around them every day.

  • National Assembly to decide Viet Nam’s direction on Gender Equality

    “This is a pivotal moment for Viet Nam. The National Assembly has the opportunity to update the election law so that is it aligned with national laws and policies and international commitments thereby advancing Viet Nam forward in its journey.”

  • Supporting climate action in Vietnam through the budget

    Central Vietnam is facing some of the worst drought conditions in more than a decade, with water reservoirs running low, previously drought-resistant trees dying and farmers struggling to protect their crops and livestock. In its assessment of extreme weather events and disasters, the Vietnam Panel on Climate Change (VPCC) warns of increasing exposure to such harmful impacts.

  • Vietnam and the new global goals

    2015 is a year of special significance. It not only marks the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Vietnam and the ending of World War II, but also of the founding of the United Nations. It is therefore fitting that this year’s General Assembly opened with what the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described as “a towering achievement”: the adoption of the 2030 Agenda setting out 17 bold and inspiring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Community participation in policymaking discussed in Hanoi

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Vietnam, in collaboration with the international nongovernmental organisation Oxfam, held a seminar entitled “Between prestige and mechanism: The people’s participation and local elections in Vietnam” in Hanoi on October 13.

  • Viet Nam commits to cut greenhouse gases 8% a year by 2030

    Viet Nam hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8 per cent a year by 2030. This is equal to about 787.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

  • Film about a woman defying her fate takes UNDP award

    A short film challenging stereotypes about women born in the year of the tiger wins first prize at the UNDP's #HowAbnormal campaign short film competition.