Vietnam Land Law revision should improve fairness, transparency - analysts

As published in Vietnamnews on 19/10/2011

BANGKOK (TrustLaw) - Fish farmer Doan Van Vuon became something of a folk hero earlier this year when he used homemade landmines and guns to stop local officials, police and soldiers from forcibly taking his land in northern Vietnam.
In April, near the capital Hanoi, thousands of police overwhelmed villagers who were trying to protect a 70 hectare (170 acre) plot of land slated for use in a satellite city development.
These are just two examples of conflicts over land that are a major source of friction between the public and officials in Vietnam, where rising land prices have led officials to move farmers off their land for more lucrative projects, often with little compensation. All land in Vietnam belongs to the state and usage rights are not always clear or protected.

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