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Korea - Viet Nam Mine Action Project

The project aims to support the Government of Vietnam in the implementation of the National Mine Action Program for 2010 – 2025, through programmatic and technical support necessary to pursue the…  

VSDGs Annual Contest on Innovations

annual contest on innovations  

Capacity Building for Implementaion of National Climate Change Strategy Project

The project's objective is to support the building of awareness, institutional, scientific and technical capacity for the effective implementation off the National Strategy on Climate Change at some…  

Energy Efficiency Improvement in Commercial and High-Rise Residential Buildings in Viet Nam

The Project has the goal to reduce intensity of GHG emissions from the building sector in Viet Nam. The project objective is to improve the energy utilization performance of commercial and high-rise…  

The biodiversity finance initiative (BIOFIN): Mobilizing Resources for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

Viet Nam has been invited to join the BIOFIN Initiative and the financial partners to BIOFIN are highly supportive of Viet Nam’s participation. Through technical and financial support, BIOFIN can…  

Enhancing Capacity for Implementing Rio Conventions

The National Capacity Self-Assessment set out the barriers to implementing the Rio Conventions and the capacity needs. This project builds directly on the NCSA findings and recommendations, addressing…  

Capacity Building for the Ratification and Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing in Viet Nam

The project’s goal isto contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biodiversity in Viet Nam. The project’s development objective is to develop and implement a national…  

Conservation of Critical Wetland Protected Areas and Linked Landscapes

The project’s immediate objective is to establish new wetland protected areas and create capacities for their effective management to mitigate existing and emerging threats from connected landscapes.  

Local Development and Promotion of LED Technologies for Advanced General Lighting in Viet Nam

The objective of the Project is to mitigate GHG emissions through transformation of the lighting market towards greater usage of locally produced LED lighting products in Viet Nam.  

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