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The One UN Initiative in Viet Nam is the United Nations response to the Government of Viet Nam’s call for a more effective UN. Launched in early 2006, the One UN Initiative aims to reduce duplication, improve coordination and make UN agencies work together more effectively and efficiently. This has led to greater impact in key development areas and better results for the people of Viet Nam. The UN Country Team in Viet Nam works "as one" to support Viet Nam in its development efforts. The UN’s support is outlined in the One Plan, the combined planning framework for all the UN organizations in Viet Nam, including UNDP.

UNDP plays a key role in supporting all areas of the One UN Initiative. For instance, UNDP is managing the building of a Green One UN House which will house, in one building, all resident UN agencies in Viet Nam.

Increasingly, the UN is also focusing on providing strategic policy advice. UNDP supports this by providing policy advice in the areas of rule of law, public administration and anti-corruption, climate change, and economic and human development.

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