AI4CE - How might we harness AI to accelerate the transition to Circular Economy in Viet Nam?

This blog is the first of a series unpacking what transition to a Circular Economy would mean for Viet Nam. It will showcase practical case studies, voices from the ground, introduce policy briefs and…  

The Green E-Transportation Initiative – Green, Clean and Smarter Transportation

At that time of the morning and after work hours, roads are busy with fast-moving rush-hour traffic. Your senses are filled with traffic noises and the heat and dust rising from the vehicles.…  

Overcoming Viet Nam’s toxic legacy

Head up into the highlands of Viet Nam’s central Quang Binh province and you’ll find Lam Hoa commune, a small, sleepy agricultural community of around 1,200 people. It’s a place of lush greenery and…  

Setting the scene for Viet Nam future development

Op-Ed by UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam Caitlin Wiesen, as published on the Viet Nam Investment Review on the eve of the Viet Nam Reform and Develpment Forum  

A peek into the life of informal waste workers in Viet Nam during COVID-19

This blog is part of a series exploring the life, roles and contributions of informal waste workers in Viet Nam.  

COVID-19 is under control in Viet Nam but informal women waste workers need support to recover

the first of a series of blogs on how UNDP Viet Nam is engaging with a particularly vulnerable group –informal women waste workers - to make sure that no one is left behind.  

Robotic application - the next frontier in treating infectious diseases?

Crisis while a challenge, also presents an opportunity to accelerate innovation in healthcare services, questions such as How can we protect the safety of doctors and health workers by reducing their…  

Nature-based development is a sustainable pathway for Việt Nam

Op-ed by Caitlin Wiesen UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam As we celebrate World Environment Day, this year’s theme: “Time for Nature,” could not be more vital. It is a reminder for all of us…  

Promoting a disability-inclusive response to COVID-19 – experience from Viet Nam

Dao Thu Huong, UNDP Disability Right Officer, shared how she conduct ed a rapid assessment to bettter learn about PWDs’ specific challenges and opportunities in COVID-19 time.  

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