Not another challenge

Innovation competitions and challenges to tackle plastic pollution are not new. In fact, innovation, often conflated with technology, has emerged as a panacea to many modern ills. While new…  

Global trends in sustainable ocean economy development

The ocean is the largest and most critical ecosystem on Earth and is inextricably linked with sustainable development of the planet. However, excessive pressure operating at multiple levels and scales…  

Learning From Stories of Made-in-Vietnam Social Innovation, as Told by 4 Experts

The stories were told concurrently, each participant could only choose one story to listen to. Then they had the chance to be in small groups with other people from different story circles to share…  

Voting for competent and qualified candidates key to achieving equitable, and sustainable development

It is our hope that the data from our research and studies can help provide further evidence and grounds for society and voters to gain stronger confidence in women candidates as well as those with…  

Viet Nam needs to expand Forecasting Science to Anticipatory Governance

UNDP partnered with National Economics University (NEU) to start "sowing the seeds" of thinking about anticipatory governance. Anticipatory governance is not only planning, but also managing the…  

The Tale of Four Elements: Nurturing a Circular Economy Portfolio

UNDP innovation team shares their learnings from portfolio approach on each through a series of blogs that in the future will contribute to our organizational offer in this space.  

AI4CE - How might we harness AI to accelerate the transition to Circular Economy in Viet Nam?

This blog is the first of a series unpacking what transition to a Circular Economy would mean for Viet Nam. It will showcase practical case studies, voices from the ground, introduce policy briefs and…  

5 projects of green avengers to complete the mission of building Da Nang circular economy hub

Da Nang Circular Economy Hub (DCEH) and Green Avengers shout out 5 excellent projects participating in the Spreading Phase.  

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