Robotic application - the next frontier in treating infectious diseases?

Crisis while a challenge, also presents an opportunity to accelerate innovation in healthcare services, questions such as How can we protect the safety of doctors and health workers by reducing their…  

Nature-based development is a sustainable pathway for Việt Nam

Op-ed by Caitlin Wiesen UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam As we celebrate World Environment Day, this year’s theme: “Time for Nature,” could not be more vital. It is a reminder for all of us…  

Promoting a disability-inclusive response to COVID-19 – experience from Viet Nam

Dao Thu Huong, UNDP Disability Right Officer, shared how she conduct ed a rapid assessment to bettter learn about PWDs’ specific challenges and opportunities in COVID-19 time.  

Organizing an online launch event during COVID-19 – some lessons learnt

On 28 April 2020, for the first time, UNDP in Viet Nam organized a virtual launch of its flagship report “The Viet Nam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) 2019”.…  

Supporting persons with disabilities during COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic affects different groups of people differently. How does it affect people withdisabilities? This Op-Ed offers insight stories and key steps to Disability-Inclusive response to…  

Managing teams virtually during COVID-19

Extraordinary circumstances, such as COVID-19, are pushing us to learn and innovate more quickly than we normally would. We are reinventing the way we work, including the way we manage our teams.  

If we are self-confident, we can all take off

Read what a UNDP officer has to say about her aspiration to inspire others, especially people with disabilities, to build up their confidence and overcome challenges.  

Working for development and ethnic minority communities

In order to leave no one behind, UNDP mine action work in Vietnam tries to make positive impact on lives of local people, especially minority groups.  

Discovering the larger impact of our work

The UNDP mine action project supports Vietnam on the transformational journey toward a community free from mines and UXOs in the most efficient and safest way.  

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