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Social Security and Safety brought by the Damrey Housing Rehabilitation and Recovery project


We went back to visit beneficiary households of the Damrey Housing Rehabilitation and Recovery project in Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province on an early June morning, two months after the inaugural ceremony.  The first commune we visited was Hoa An where the first houses had been completed and handed over to beneficiary families. As we crossed the wide field, we could see glimpses of the new roof on Ms Suu's new home, shaded by tall casuarina trees. The long and narrow country lane leading to Ms. Suu’s house was lined with more casuarina trees. At last, we reached Ms. Suu’s house, and before us stood a tall, sturdy and beautiful house. Ms. Suu was standing at the entrance, and welcomed us with a happy smile. She invited us into her home and gave us a tour of the house she had dreamed about.

"Thanks to the project, my two children and I now have a spacious and safe house to live in. The project and authority officials definitely made my dream come true” said Ms Suu. “Now my children and I feel more secure and comfortable living in this storm-and flood-resilient house, that we do not need to evacuate when storms come and floods occur. This house can even be a safe place for our neighbors during typhoon season” explained Ms Suu.

As we said our farewells, we headed to visit another beneficiary household in the commune. Ms Dua and her family have also moved to their new house and started a new life. They were very eager to welcome us to their house and expressed their gratitude to the project management board.
Leaving Hoa An, we travelled to Hoa Hoi commune where several other houses are currently in the completion stage, before they are handed over to beneficiary families. Mr Duc and Ms Ha, on behalf of the commune’s beneficiary households, expressed their gratitude for all the support they had received to help them build larger and safer houses.

By living in safe and sound conditions, they will be able to prepare for future storms and floods, without the fear of losing their homes and livelihoods.
The last visit on our itinerary was to the town of Song Cau, where another 20 houses are being constructed. On our way there, we were happy to reflect on the positive sentiments shared by the beneficiaries from Phu Hoa district, and we hoped to hear similar thoughts from the beneficiaries in Song Cau.

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