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Industry 4.0 Readiness

Feb 27, 2019

During the past two years, awareness of IR4.0’s impacts on the economy has grown in Viet Nam. As a result, strengthening Vietnamese enterprises’ capacity to access IR4.0 has become an important policy target. However, a lack of in-depth analysis on the level of Vietnamese enterprises’ access to IR4.0 based on evidence has been apparent.

To address such a need, this is one of the first evidence-based studies (implemented from January to July 2018) on the IR4.0 readiness of industry sector enterprises in Viet Nam. Its objective was to assess, through a sample survey of around 2,700 industrial enterprises in Viet Nam and in-depth interviews with 25 enterprises representing surveyed sectors, the current status as well as trends and general characteristics of IR4.0 readiness of industrial sector enterprises in Viet Nam. This study will also help the MOIT to: (i) make proposals to government on appropriate solutions and contributions to the Politburo’s draft resolution on IR4.0 to help Vietnamese enterprises seize opportunities and overcome challenges associated with IR4.0 to enhance productivity, efficiency and competitiveness and (ii) gain initial forecasting information as a basis to roll-out monitoring and evaluation of future progress on industrial enterprises’ readiness level for IR4.0.

This study’s IR4.0 readiness assessment  includes three aspects:

• Readiness level of enterprises to access IR4.0

• Factors related to readiness level of enterprises to access IR4.0

• Perceptions of enterprises on the impact of IR4.0 and their responses.




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