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UNDP Viet Nam Discussion Paper

Inclusive Industry 4.0 discussion paper

Jun 13, 2019

How to ensure Viet Nam’s growth continues to be rapid and sustainable? How to ensure all its citizens continue to actively participate in, and benefit from, the country’s growth from its ‘lower middle-income’ stage of development into the future? How to balance all these issues in the context of IR4.0 and the acceleration of new technologies? These are among the key questions facing Vietnamese policy-makers. The search for suitable answers is, therefore, key in the process of preparing the country’s IR4.0 strategy and 10-year Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS 2021-2030), against the background of the SDGs. This discussion paper aims to introduce in more detail the concept of ‘inclusive IR4.0’, together with an understanding of the related concept of ‘anticipatory governance’, as well as discusses several areas of actions as inputs to the formulation of the country’s IR4.0 strategy and SEDS 2021-2030 – both key documents providing strategic direction to ensure Viet Nam is not left behind and no one in Viet Nam is left behind in the IR4.0 era.

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