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2015 Justice Index – towards a justice system for the people

2015 Justice Index

Jun 15, 2016

The report “2015 Justice Index – towards a justice system for the people” is the second iteration of an innovative research project aiming to measure the performance of the justice system in ensuring access to justice, equality and protection of fundamental rights, based on citizens’ experiences and observations.

The report’s main findings and policy recommendations help guide policy solutions and future reforms at the central and local levels, the development of a rule of law state and a democratic society. It includes suggestions on how to use the index as a tool to monitor and evaluate the performance of national action plans to realize Viet Nam’s commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals. The Justice Index results also informs civil society organizations and citizens, and encourage their participation in building “a justice system for citizens” that ensures fairness and equality and protects the legitimate rights and interests of the people in Viet Nam.

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