Ending stigma

28 May 2018

Ending Stigma - Assessment from the perspectives of people with disabilities


In Viet Nam, in accordance with current (disputed) data, 7.8 to 15% of Viet Nam’s population comprises people with disabilities. The stigma that they face is still widespread. This report is an attempt to provide more information on the stigma that people with disabilities perceive in Vietnam. In doing so, it aims to promote the voices of people with disabilities, build capacity for organizations and networks representing people with disabilities, and provide policy makers with useful information.

The report presents findings from a quantitative and qualitative study conducted in Ha Noi, Thai Nguyen province, Nghe An province, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang city from August to November 2017, with the participation of 574 individuals from disability groups of visual, hearing, mobility, communication and cognition people. The study was conducted in consultation with experts on and people with different types of disabilities.


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