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Is it because I am LGBT?

Is it because I am LGBT?

Jun 21, 2016

The report “Is it because I am LGBT?” presents main findings of a study, informed by 2,363 people across 63 provinces, which examines discrimination against LGBT people in Viet Nam. Equality and non-discrimination is one of the fundamental principles of the Viet Nam Constitution as well as of the international human right laws recognized in the treaties to which Vietnam is a party. LGBT people in Viet Nam, however, have been subject to discrimination, mostly occurred in family, at school and the workplace. According to the authors “Discrimination is a peril, as it does not only victimize the minority group, but also transform the whole society into perpetrators, by segregating people into classes, granting privileges for the majority and measuring individual dignity based on how an individual differs from the mass, and by normalizing and standardizing it.” The report contains policy recommendations aiming to counter discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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