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Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals: A self- assessment toolkit

Parliaments and the SDGs: A self- assessment toolkit

May 23, 2017

The toolkit is designed to enable parliamentarians to identify good
practices, gaps, opportunities and lessons learned. That will equip
parliamentarians to effectively institutionalize the new agenda and
mainstream the various goals into the legislative process. The toolkit is
not prescriptive. It has been designed to be relevant to all parliaments,
whatever their political system and stage of development.

Self-assessment is a method that parliaments can use to start their
own process of internal benchmarking and to assess their state of
preparedness for engagement with the SDGs. The conclusions of the
self-assessment should allow parliaments to set priorities for reform
in order to strengthen their response to the SDGs. The ultimate
objective is to ensure that parliaments are ft for purpose to play a full
role in realizing the 2030 Agenda.  

The purpose of this self-assessment toolkit is to assist parliaments
and their members to:
• assess their preparedness to engage with the SDGs;
• identify additional strategies, mechanisms and partnerships to
support implementation of the SDGs more effectively.  

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