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Biodiversity finance policy and institutional review

Biodiversity finance policy and institutional review

Nov 21, 2018

The Biodiversity Finance Policy and Institutional Review (PIR) in Viet Nam (VN) has been conducted by independent consultant from May 2017 to February 2018. The PIR report focuses on analyzing the status and progress of the National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) of Viet Nam, presented in 6 chapters including introduction and recommendations as well as references and annexes.

In recent decades, the status of biodiversity (BD) in Viet Nam is worsening against a high annual economic growth (6-8% on average), which has strong impact on dependency sectors like agriculture, fishery and forestry in which most people with low incomes earn their living. Recent studies on BD valuation show that investment in BD conservation is significantly less than its contribution to economic development in
provinces and the country, in general. A supplementary study on the Biodiversity Expenditure Review provides more information in this regard.

To improve biodiversity conservation, in recent years the legal framework has been strengthened, including the National Constitution (2013), the Law on Biodiversity (2008), the Law on Environment Protection (2005), the Law on Forestry (2004, revised in 2017), the Law on Fishery (2003, revised in 2017), all supported by a variety of government policies and regulations providing guidance to the implementation of
legislation on BD conservation. The VN NBS is the most important policy to accelerate BD conservation in VN.

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