Greening the Power Mix: Policies for Expanding Solar Photovoltaic Electricity in Viet Nam

24 May 2016

These policies set the framework for major reductions in future greenhouse gas emissions in Viet Nam, which helps reducing the threat of dangerous global climate change.

This policy discussion paper addresses how Viet Nam can achieve the targets in these policies by internalising the costs of coal-based power to people, the environment and the economy, and by stimulating the development of solar photovoltaic power generation.

In addition, the world adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, also in 2015. Viet Nam has actively supported the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals and intends to achieve them at the national level.

This paper shows that renewable energy, and in particular solar photovoltaic power generation can play a key role in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7, “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”, which is important especially for the remotest and poorest Vietnamese communities and households who do not yet benefit from regular access to electricity. Achieving this will help children to study better, productivity to go up, and poverty to be eliminated.

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