Capacity building for Disaster Mitigation in Viet Nam


To promote sustainable development, disaster response must be more than emergency aid; it must seek to break the cycle of natural and man-made disasters, increased poverty, and degraded environments. 

This project will help insert disaster mitigation into planning for poverty reduction and sustainable development in Viet Nam. It seeks to ensure that the design, appraisal and approval of projects (Overseas Development Assistance and local) take into account the various aspects of disaster mitigation. 

The project joins the World Bank and other donors in helping the Government establish disaster recovery support that targets the poor. It helps the Government review existing policies and plans, and prepare a comprehensive long-term strategy for disaster management in the Mekong Delta that uses the Government’s new approach of "living together with floods" and other regional initiatives. 

By supporting the implementation of the Natural Disaster Mitigation Partnership, the project also strengthens cooperation and coordination between the Government and donors, initially in central Viet Nam and nationwide later. 

The Project also serves as joint funding mechanism for other donors to support provincial initiatives in natural disaster risk management with broader aim for poverty reduction and environmental management. First initiatives were launched in Da Nang city and Binh Dinh province in central Viet Nam with support from the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

If the partnership is successful, it will reduce human and economic damage in a poor and disaster prone region. It will also build the foundations for similar initiatives in other regions, where disasters claim hundreds of lives every year.


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What are the project's key results?

  • New disaster resistance building code
  • Provincial Disaster Reduction plan and a master plan for Disaster Reduction in Mekong delta
  • Improved provincial and lower level capacity in Natural Disaster Reduction in central provincesE

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
VIE/01/014 US$1,400,000 from UNDP, US$450,000 from the Government of Luxembourg and US$125,000 from the Government of the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development/ Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control (CCFSC)  Standing Office of the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control

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