Developing national biodiversity strategy and action plan and mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into provincial planning


Vietnam is considered as one of the 16 most biologically diverse countries. Its biodiversity is however under threats which are often grouped as: (1) over-exploitation of plant and animal species, (2) habitat loss, (3) pollution, (4) invasive species, and (5) climate change. Underlying causes that are often deep rooted and complex are originated from urbanization; industrialization; local, regional and global economic trends; and on-going demographic changes in regions. Main barriers that have limited Vietnam in its ability to properly conserve the country’s biodiversity richness are associated with (i)  the absence of updated biodiversity conservation priorities and targets agreed by stakeholders across sectors and at different levels of the government; and (ii) inadequate capacity and commitment to integrate biodiversity conservation into development and land use planning at provincial levels. Without the project, the country’s biodiversity will continue to be at risk, fragmented and degraded. The project will provide technical assistance to the Government of Vietnam (GoV) to address the above-mentioned barriers. More specifically, it will promote biodiversity conservation through the updating of the country’s NBSAP; enhance government capacity for the implementation of the new NBSAP, including monitoring and reporting on the status biodiversity to the CBD and the national assembly; and mainstream biodiversity priorities into provincial land-use plans. The project will also help the GoV to fulfil its commitments to associated international conventions it has ratified.

What are the project's key results?

2012 was the first year the project starting up with an inception workshop. The project achieved the following results:
1.    Establishment of PMU and setting up the project; Starting up the project with inception workshop and report
2.    Conduct  study in thematic areas
3.    Consultation workshops with stakeholders in different regions to collect information on issues and solution for conservation of biodiversity
In addition, project works together with other biodiversity conservation projects to raise awareness on conservation, to disseminate information on the biodiversity.
Key results expected in 2013: 
1. NBSAP approved by Prime Minister, published and distributed to stakeholders, donors community.
2. The fifth National Biodiversity Report to CBD with latest biodiversity data prepared.
3. Guidelines for implementation of NBSAP prepared.
4. Six trainings (30pax/training) for staffs and relevant stakeholders at provincial level organized.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
00063449 Total budget is US$909,091 Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Biodiversity Conservation Agency, Vietnam Environment Administration

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year   Delivery (USD)
2012 74,237
2013 290,619
2014 366,679

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