Strengthening National Capacities to Respond to Climate Change in Viet Nam, Reducing Vulnerability and Controlling Green House Gases (GHG) Emissions


Development goal

Climate change policies, national targeted programme and action plans, including budgets and investment plans at national and provincial levels take full account of climate change challenges to minimize future social, economic and environmental vulnerability, and to control GHG emissions fulfilling obligations under multinational agreements, particularly the post-Kyoto framework.

The project main objectives can be summarized in three different areas:

I. Climate change policy and actions plans formulated and Climate Change incorporated in relevant programmes/ policies

  • The goal of this component is to mainstream Climate Change issues into socio-economic, sectoral, and local development strategies, plans and planning. The project has been providing a technical support to the MONRE and MARD to develop its action plans, strategy and master plan. Moreover, it has also provided Vietnamese Government officials with technical support for their participation in  climate change negotiations, including COPs.

II. Knowledge and research capacity enhanced for Climate Change vulnerability, adaptation and GHG mitigation assessment, in particular related to the National Target Plan

  • The objective is to assess the impact of Climate Change in Viet Nam and to identify possible response to it. This encompasses sciences and technological programs as well as awareness raising. In fact, it is crucial to improve the knowledge base, and to strengthen national research capacity. It will help delivering analysis for evidence-based planning and policy development, and implementation of Climate change related measures to support Natural Resources and Environment; Agriculture and Rural Development sectors as well as the provinces in rolling out the NTP-RCC.

III. Capacities Strengthened for policy development and implementation of response measures for Climate Change adaptation and GHG emissions control, in particular related to the National Target Plan

  • The target of this pillar of the program is to build capacities for regulation, guidance, local policy measures and project management. It also provides support to formulate regulations, policy measures and investment plans for climate change adaptation and GHG emissions control.

What are the project's key results?

Key results in 2009:

UNDP, through the CBCC has supported senior specialists to involve in:

  1. the formulation of NTP to respond to climate change, as well as organizing consultation workshops with GOV bodies for comments and finalizing. The NTP was finally approved by the Prime Minister. 
  2. The National Climate Change Scenario development and organization of CC Scenario Launching Workshop was organized in Hanoi in September 2009 where scenarios were informed to the public officially.  The informed scenarios acted as the basic for different sectors in developing climate change respond action plans. 
  3. The guideline framework on development of action plans of Ministries, sectors and locations on response to climate change has been developed and adopted by MONRE to be disseminated for use.
  4. Organizing public awareness on climate change and its impacts as national and local capacities strengthening method to minimise adverse social, economic and environmental impacts of climate related disasters, including workshops for decision makers and negotiators joining COP 15 and special publication on Climate change for COP 15 in Copenhagen.

Key Results in 2010:

  1. The Implementation of the National Target Programme to respond to Climate Change in Viet Nam made headway with UNDP being key player in capacity building. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) completed a fist-time national capacity need assessment for climate change in Viet Nam. The report maps out the gaps of capacities and human resources in various ministries, provinces and social organizations. The findings were used for the drafting of an action plan for capacity development activities for the whole period of 2010-2015, focusing on training and communication.
  2. Action Plans to respond to climate change of some sectors and provinces, including MONRE, MARD and Binh Dinh province were prepared with technical support from UNDP.  MONRE Action Plan was prepared through consultative process, identifying 43 prioritized programmes, supporting natural resources and environment. The action plan was approved by the MONRE Minister in December 2010.  MARD Action Plan to respond to climate change, integrating climate change issues into the ministry's development programmes, was prepared based on comprehensive studies of climate change impacts on fishery, irrigation, forestry and agriculture sectors.
  3. The first technical guidelines on "Provincial assessment of climate change vulnerabilities and appropriate adaptation measures" and on "NTP implementation and management" were developed and adapted for provinces, to guide them in developing their climate change action plans and integrating climate change into five year plans and annual provincial socio-economic development plans. The guidelines will be used by Binh Dinh and Binh Thuan in 2011 to assess the climate change vulnerabilities and develop action plans for Phu Quy Island (Binh Thuan province) and Tay Son district (Binh Dinh province). The guidelines on NTP implementation and management adopted by NTP Standing Office, is used for guiding ministries and provinces in coordinating of activities for NTP implementation and management to respond to climate change.
  4. The first ever project Communication and Awareness Raising strategy and plan was developed and will be implemented during 2011-2015, to promote public awareness on climate change more systematically and effectively. In 2010, a documentary film on climate change in Vietnam has been produced and screened to raise public awareness on climate change. The communication plan will be implemented by the project during 2011-2012. Under the strategy the Master training programme and a curriculum on climate change has been developed and will be implemented as pilot program at VNU and at MOET then after.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
49713 Total budget is US$ 4,660,000 Government Agency: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE); Project focal point: Viet Nam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) Government agency implementing partner: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developments (MARD), and People Committees of Can Tho, Binh Thuan and Binh Dinh provinces.

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year    Delivery (USD)
2009 477,492
2010 685,365
2011 887,851
2012 1,097,202
2013 154,183

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