Vietnam/UNDP/UNEP Partnership initiative for the integration of sound management of chemicals in development planning and processes


As Vietnam continues to modernize its economy, management of chemical production, trade and use will play an important role in Vietnam’s efforts in maximizing economic growth while protecting environment. The practice shows that insufficient prevention measures, low awareness within the industrial and agricultural sectors especially decision makers about chemical risk, environmental and health safety procedures results in increased levels of pollution, industrial related accidents and spills that have for example resulted in fish die-off, loss of biodiversity, contamination of important drinking water sources, contamination of aquaculture and marine resources.

By helping the Government to understand the need of SMC, strengthen institutional capacity and coordination mechanism  for SMC, and planning for mainstreaming of strategic priorities of chemical management into national social- economic development plan and processes, the project contributes to enhancement of the country economy’s efficiency while improving environmental quality and public health.

What are the project's key results?

  • Interagency Coordinating Mechanism for SMC established at national level
  • Strengthened awareness within government and stakeholder organizations regarding the country’s situation of chemical management
  • Developed set of strategic priorities of chemical management to be integrated into the country social economic plans and processes
  • Enhanced buy-in from government and amongst key stakeholders regarding a phased plan of action for addressing gaps in the national SMC regime
  • Enhanced MOF and MPI and other stakeholders’ awareness on SMC linkages with the overall national development goals

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
80385 SAICM Quick Start Fund: US$ 250,000, TRAC fund: US$ 200,000 and National co-financing: US$ 70,000 Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) Vietnam Chemical Agency (VINACHEMIA), MOIT

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Years

Delivery (USD)
2012 43,502
2013 220,330

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