Capacity Strengthening for Ethnic Minority Policy Formulation, Implementation and Monitoring


In line with the Government of Vietnam’s priority for addressing the remaining “pockets of poverty” in the country and UNDP’s priority to promote pro-poor policies, this project will strengthen the capacities of the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) and 3 selected  provincial Departments on Ethnic Minority Affairs (DEMA). A recent capacity assessment of CEMA and its provincial representations confirmed the existence of several capacity constraints that prevent the agency from performing it tasks efficiently and effectively. This project will address the following areas of capacity constraints that were identified in the assessment:

  • Institutional Development: this relates to the introduction of improved systems, mechanisms and processes in support of all the outputs of the project; 
  • Leadership development: This consists of exposing current leaders and emerging leaders at both national and provincial levels to new approaches for ethnic minority development, long-term strategic planning and budgeting, “best practices” in organisational management, including staff development and motivation, negotiating skills for mobilising increased support/resources and advocacy skills for ethnic minority development.
  • Enhancing human resource capacities: to support proper function of the systems, support under this will aim at developing the individual capacities of CEMA/DEMA staff through skills training and knowledge enhancement, to perform their priority functions identified within the systems/organisations.

The project will also address cross-cutting issues such as gender, the rights-based approach and EM people’s participation, through all the outputs and relevant activities.

The project will be funded by UNDP and UN One Plan Fund up to US$ 1, 711,000 and with the Government’s contributions both in kind and cash of the value up to US$342,000 for the period of 5 years (January 2008-December 2012). The project will be (i) nationally executed by CEMA as the National Implementing Partner (NIP); (ii) be placed under a single management structure for assistance provided to CEMA by UNDP, (iii) implemented as complementary to and in close coordination with the ethnic minority policy related interventions of UN and other donors.

What are the project's key results?

  • Output 1: Strengthened CEMA’s and selected DEMA’s capacity for policy advocacy, awareness raising, communication and policies consultation.
  • Output 2: Improved organisational capacity for policy research, policy M&E, policy impact assessments and EM development data  identification, collection, management, analysis and dissemination.
  • Output 3: Improved organisational capacity in Ethnic Minority development policy formulation, and implementation.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
61897 US$ 1,711,000 from UNDP, One Plan Fund and Government contribution Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) and three DEMAs

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year Delivery (USD)

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