Support for enhancing capacity in advising, examining, and overseeing macroeconomic policies


This project will contribute to the UN One Plan’s Outcome 1: “social and economic development policies, plans and laws support equitable and inclusive growth and conform to the values and goals of the Millennium Declaration and other relevant international agreements and conventions” and the Country Programme Output 1.10 “knowledge increased and policy options identified to promote more pro-poor public finance policies that take into account the impacts of trade liberalisation and financial reforms”.

The project provides two-fold and mutually complementary support to enhance capacity at i) Selected macro-economic policy examining and overseeing institutions and ii) Selected macro-economic policy research groups. Beneficiaries of the project include ECNA, National Financial Supervisory Committee, Central Party Office, Office of Government and Office of Presidency. Key activities include bi-annual national-wide conferences on strategic economic issues, frequent publications of research results and advocacy on macro-economic policies, thematic workshops, thematic research studies, networking and training.

What are the project's key results?

  • Research programmes developed annually/bi-annually based on key macro-economic policies issues, options and hypotheses identified on broad consensus basis
  • Evidence-based macro-economic policy analysis/studies conducted to provide quality inputs to macro-economic policy making
  • Capacity of involved policy advising, examination and oversight agencies and research institutes strengthened for the former to better understand and use research results and the later to better conduct and communicate research works.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
00059714 Regular source: US$ 2,000,000; One Plan Fund: US$ 1,600,000; Government contribution: US$ 400,000 Economic Committee of National Assembly (ECNA) ECNA

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year   Delivery (USD)
2010 262,898.30
2011 248,918
2012 386,756
2013 501,831
2014 447,015

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