United Nations - Government of Viet Nam: Joint Programme on Gender Equality (MDGF - 1694)


Under the three-year Joint Programme (JP) on Gender Equality (GE), the following twelve UN agencies and Programmes: FAO, ILO, IOM, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNIFEM, UNODC, and WHO; in partnership with the Government of Vietnam, will provide strategic, coordinated and multi-sectoral capacity building and technical assistance to build the capacity of national and provincial duty bearers so that they can better implement, monitor, evaluate and report on the Law on Gender Equality (GEL) and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control (DVL) from 2009-2011.

Based on a review of the literature, UN experiences working on GE initiatives, and as a result of extensive consultation with national partners in Vietnam, the Joint Programme on Gender Equality (JP) has identified the following three problem areas, which it seeks to address:

  1. Despite a sound policy and legal framework supporting GE, institutional capacities in the area of implementation and reporting, gender analysis, data collection and monitoring remain weak and unsystematic.
  2. Institutional weakness is evident in the area of networking and sharing of information, data, research and experiences on issues of GE.
  3. Institutional weakness is also evident in the area of GE research and sex-disaggregated data collection, analysis and dissemination systems.

What are the project's key results?

UNDAF Outcome: Laws, policies and governance structures are in place that support and promote a rights-based development process in line with the principles of the Millennium Declaration including MDGs.

Joint Outcome 1: Improved skills knowledge and practices for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting of the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control

Joint Outcome 2: Enhanced partnerships and coordination around gender equality within and outside of government.

Joint Outcome 3
: Strengthened evidence-based data and data systems for promoting gender equality.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
57659 USD 4,683,516 UNDP-MDTF office UNFPA

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year Delivery (USD)
2012 56,884

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