Strengthening Local Government Capacities for Planning, Budgeting and Managing Public Resources (SLGP)


SLGP implements a range of innovations linked to local government planning, budgeting and management of development resources in four pilot provinces. It does so in accordance with the existing national policy framework, as defined by laws and other statutory regulations. Pilot activities are intended to lead to sustainable, inclusive and pro-poor outcomes by promoting improvements to provincial, district and commune service delivery frameworks and processes, and by building local capacities to provide appropriate and high quality infrastructure and services. In order to ensure that lessons learned from project activities inform and influence national and provincial policies, thus having a wider impact, SLGP shares information about its provincial pilots with relevant stakeholders at both central and local levels. Particular emphasis is placed on contributing to the development of national planning guidelines. On the other hand, SLGP tries to cooperate with other similar government- and donor-funded projects in order to ensure a good coherence. SLGP is a process project, and was deliberately formulated so as to retain considerable flexibility. Annual work planning exercises enable the project – whilst remaining focussed on five key outputs – to adapt its activities to the specificities of individual pilot provinces and to the rapidly evolving nature of the overall policy environment in Viet Nam. The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Planning and Investment during the 2005-2009 period.

What are the project's key results?

  • More effective, participatory and inclusive planning and budgeting systems are developed and used by local governments in the pilot provinces.
  • Investment scheme implementation by local government is more transparent and effective in the pilot provinces.
  • Appropriate local government financial management mechanisms and fiscal arrangements are established and used in the pilot provinces.
  • Oversight, accountability and monitoring mechanisms are enhanced at local levels in the pilot provinces.
  • Experience from SLGP provincial innovations as well as from other similar government and donor-funded projects informs and influences national policies (in particular, national guidelines for local socio-economic development planning and budgeting) and is made available to other provinces/donors.

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
  US$4 million from UNDP, UNCDF, DFID, DCI (Ireland) and France, US$248,000 (in kind) from the Government of Viet Nam Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) Department of Regional and Local Economy (until Dec 06) and Department of National Economic Issues (since Jan 07), both departments are under MPI

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year Delivery (USD)
2006 881,745
2007 817,668

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