Capacity Development for Economic Diplomacy and Business-Government Policy Dialogue


The objective of this project is to develop the Government’s capacity to conduct economic diplomacy and to create new Government-business policy dialogue mechanisms in support of international economic integration. The project will facilitate the formation of knowledge networks in support of policy research and analysis and will also build capacity through dedicated training programmes for high level officials. The project will produce the following concrete results: (i) a master plan for economic diplomacy, bringing together the various strands of existing initiatives and plans under on strategic framework; (ii) the design of a new policy leadership programme for senior Government, Party and business leaders; (iii) practical policy research in support of economic diplomacy; (iv) training of Government officials on achieving results from economic diplomacy and on the planning, organization and implementation of Government-business policy dialogue events.

Specific activities included in the project to achieve these results include the following: (i) practical policy research relating to Viet Nam’s international economic integration conducted by teams of domestic and international scholars; (ii) workshops involving national stakeholders and international experts on the development of Viet Nam’s economic diplomacy;  (iii) study tours to China and other Asian countries to attend Government-Business Roundtable Meetings to learn lessons relevant to Viet Nam’s planning efforts; (iv) the design and implementation of a high-level training programme on the changing nature of international economic relationships targeted to senior leaders of the Government, Party and state-owned enterprises; (v) training for Government officials in support of economic diplomacy initiatives, including the organization of Government-business policy dialogue events.

What are the project's key results?

  • A Government endorsed master plan for economic diplomacy
  • Implementation of a new policy leadership programme on international economic integration
  • Enhanced Government capacity to conduct economic diplomacy

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
48249 US$2,500,000 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Department of Economic Affairs, MOFA

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year     Delivery (USD)
2007 136,476
2008 874,811
2009 936,610
2010 1,079,847
2011 488,839
2012 451,142

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