Capacity enhancement for intensive international integration of Viet Nam towards 2020


The Vietnamese Government’s commitment to international economic integration is reflected in its policies and Viet Nam is engaged in many regional institutions. The commitment of the Vietnamese Government to a higher level of international integration has been reflected in its Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) 2011-2020 which emphasizes the importance of international integration. The long-term objective of the Project is to develop national capacity for formulating and implementing international integration policies that best serve Viet Nam’s development needs and the targets of the SEDS 2011-2020. The project is highly expected to make sustainable contributions to enhancing Viet Nam’s capacity to derive maximum benefits and to minimize risks from international integration.   This project will focus on achieving 3 outputs; (I) Enhanced capacity of Vietnamese leaders and officials for defining development strategies and policy options in international integration; (II) International integration policies are more evidence-based through researches and dialogues on policy impact, challenges, opportunities and threats of international integration; and (III) Other capacity building initiatives, including international exchange and South-South collaboration in international integration are promoted for a greater representation of Viet Nam in regional and international organizations and better position of Viet Nam in international arena.

What are the project's key results?

  • Viet Nam Executive Leadership Program with Harvard Kennedy Scholl- as senior leader dialogue Forum implemented
  • Policy research and dialogues are  carried out and will support policy-makers
  • Capacity building activities for international and regional integration conducted

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
70189 Total budget: 2,800,000 USD including: 2,750,000 USD (total grant ODA) and 50,000 USD (counterpart funding) UNDP Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Years

Delivery (USD)
2012 N/A
2014 360,097
2015 645,000

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