Environment, Climate Change & Disasters

  • The objective of the Project is to mitigate GHG emissions through transformation of the lighting market towards greater usage of locally produced LED lighting products in Viet Nam.

  • Viet Nam has seen significant economic growth in recent years and become a middle-income country however its coastal communities lag behind in resilience. These communities have double the poverty rate of the nation as a whole and are increasingly vulnerable to climate change impacts due to development pressures on natural buffers, such as mangroves.

  • The initiative, Strengthening Capacity and Institutional Reform for Green Growth and Sustainable Development in Viet Nam (CIGG), builds on earlier partnerships between the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and will build capacity to advance green growth by strengthening policies, regulations and technical guidance for the implementation of the Viet Nam Green Growth Strategy and Action Plan.

  • The UNDP Vietnam, working in close partnership with MARD, Oxfam, the Vietnamese Red Cross and Vietnamese Women’s Union, is engaged with the development of implementation guidelines, an M&E framework, training materials and financial implementation modalities. In addition the UN has taken a lead in providing support to the Government with the drafting of the law on disaster risk management through activities implemented with MARD. The law on disaster risk management embeds international commitments, such as the Hyogo Framework for Action and the ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response, to address the needs of those at risk.

  • Key results 2009: During the course of 2009 the project commenced operations. During the inception phase and initial roll out the following activities were implemented: 1. Inception report finished and agreed upon; the inception report laid out the conceptual framework for the project; 2. Initiated an assessment on impacts of mainstreaming sustainable development in the Social Economic Development Plan 2006-2010; 3. Agreed and develop a priority agenda of 8 priority issues which MPI is facing and need to be addressed by the project; 4. Organized a Policy Dialogue with international donors on financial mechanism to support Sustainable Development and Climate Change Responses; 5. Organized a Policy Update for senior staff of the Party Central Office on “Sustainable Development and Climate Change”.

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