Capacity Building on Disaster Recovery in Viet Nam


Over the years, Vietnam has suffered from many types of natural disasters, causing great losses in terms of people, assets, infrastructure, adverse impacts on the living environment, production and business of people. Although, Vietnam has made good progress in disaster response that helps the country to reduce impacts of disasters on its people, there remained limitations in terms of disaster recovery. In fact, disaster recovery has not received sufficient attention from key actors, showing limits in recovery assignments.

There are a few reasons for the limits in recovery assignments including 1) lack of legal framework for recovery; 2) lack of resources; and 3) DRR-trained workers not trained in disaster recovery segment. Additionally, lack of detailed and specific manuals guiding standard procedures in disaster recovery for DRR workers is considered as the main reason causing limitation in disaster recovery.

Under the Project Capacity Building for Disaster Recovery in 2018, UNDP has been working with the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority to deliver project activities aiming to build and improve capacity on disaster recovery for disaster risk management agencies from the central government level to local levels in Vietnam through:

  • Assessing disaster recovery situation in Vietnam
  • Assessing institutional capacity in disaster recovery in Vietnam
  • Developing a standard procedure for disaster recovery in Vietnam
  • Developing training materials on post-disaster need assessment (PDNA) for shelter and agriculture sectors
  • Delivering PDNA trainings to governmental staff at all levels

What are the project's key results?

  • Improved capacity on disaster recovery for key governmental staff
  • Training materials for post-disaster need assessment for Vietnam

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

The Vietnam Disaster Management Authority

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