Capacity Building for Implementaion of National Climate Change Strategy Project


One of the projects carried out to support the implementation of NTPRCC is the project Strengthening National Capacities to Respond to Climate Change in Viet Nam, Reducing Vulnerability and Controlling Green House Gases (GHG) Emissions (CBCC). The CBCC project will end in 2013. The project has contributed significantly to the implementation of NTPRCC objectives of building capacity some implementing agencies and supporting tools and training, providing necessary information, especially at the national level and in some pilot provinces.

The project also contributed to the dissemination of basic and necessary knowledge on scenarios of climate change, sea level rise and assessment of impacts of climate change. CBCC project strengthened the capacity of responding to climate change through the development and dissemination of legal documents, technical guidelines, along with the organisation of workshops and training for state management agencies from the central to local levels, especially training workshops on international climate change negotiations on skills. On the basis of inheriting the obtained results, CBICS project will expand the support scope, focusing on government agencies and directly support the implementation of the objectives of the National Strategy on Climate Change

Overall objective: To support the building of awareness, institutional, scientific and technical capacity for the effective implementation off the National Strategy on Climate Change at some ministries and localities, making a contribution to the implementation off the Party Central Committee’s Resolution N0 24-NQ/TW on on actively responding to climate change, strengthening resource management and environmental protection.

What are the project's key outcomes?

Output 1.1: Strengthening capacity for the Office of the National Committee on Climate Change; supporting activities of the National Advisory Council on Climate Change; Supporting capacity building for OCCA under Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development (to support the implementation of Task 6 and 7 of the Strategy);

Output 1.2. Technical assistance will be provided for localities in developing and implementing action prorammes to respond to climate change and integrating climate change issues into socio-economic development strategies and plans in two pilot provinces (Quang Ngai and Lai Chau)

Output 1.3: Reviewing, evaluating and proposing the complement of institutions and policies on climate change (to support the implementation of  Task 1, 6 and 9 in the Strategy)

Output 1.4: Improving the effectiveness of Viet Nam's international negotiations on climate change ( to support the implementation of task 9 in Strategy)

Output 2.1: Updating researches and assessments on climate change (to support the implementation of task 8 in Strategy)

Output 2.2: Researching and applying some solutions and models for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the agriculture and rural development sector (to support the implementation of task 5 in Strategy)

Output 3.1: Developing and implementing a programme on training and communicating on climate change for target groups from the Central to local levels (to support the implementation of task 7 in Strategy)

Output 3.2: Raising community awareness and promoting the management of communication on climate change (to support the implementation of task 7 in Strategy)

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Executive Agency of Project: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)
National Implementing Agency: Department of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change - MONRE
Co Implementing Agency: Department of Science, Technology and Environment - MARD

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