Improving the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change related impacts in Viet Nam


Viet Nam has seen significant economic growth in recent years and become a middle-income country however its coastal communities lag behind in resilience. These communities have double the poverty rate of the nation as a whole and are increasingly vulnerable to climate change impacts due to development pressures on natural buffers, such as mangroves.

The country is considered one of the 30 countries at “extreme risk” by the Climate Change Vulnerability Index. The rural poor in coastal areas are at highest risk given their reliance on natural resources for their livelihood, particularly in agriculture, livestock and fisheries. Each year, appropriately 60,000 houses are destroyed by floods and storms in coastal provinces making it more difficult for vulnerable households to escape poverty.

Moreover, the coastal ecosystem such as mangrove forests, which provide a vital buffer against storms, sea surges and salt water intrusion, have reduced significantly in recent years. This is primarily due to ongoing population pressure and from the expansion of poorly planned shrimp aquaculture.

The GCF-UNDP project will be implemented in 28 coastal provinces and seeks to scale up interventions that are already tested to increase the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities. The project aims to increase the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change related impacts in Viet Nam through:

- Safe housing to protect vulnerable coastal communities from increased flooding and storms

- Robust mangrove coverage to provide a natural buffer between coastal communities and the sea

- And enhanced climate risk information to guide climate-resilient and risk-informed planning

What are the project's key results?

  • Increase resilience of infastructure and the built environment to climate change
  • Improved resilience of ecosystems and ecosystem services
  • Increase generation and use of climate information in decision-making


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