Support to multi-dimensional poverty reduction in urban areas


In recognition of the importance of the urban poverty and multi-dimensional poverty approach on poverty reduction, UNDP has cooperated with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to develop and implement the Project “Support to in-depth assessment of urban povert in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city” for the period 2008-2011 (or the Project “Urban poverty”). This project and other related studies have provided the first in-depth and comprehensive information on urban poverty reality to contribute to formulation and implementation of poverty reduction.

In continuation of the achievements obtained in the Project “Urban Poverty”, the proposed Project “Support to reduction of multi-dimensional poverty in urban settings” for the period 2012-2016 will continue to support Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi in (i) monitoring/evaluating multi-dimensional poverty in urban areas and (ii) building capacity of these cities in development and implementation of creative and appropriate policies to reduce urban poverty multi-dimensionally, especially poverty of the vulnerable group, such as migrants or laborers in informal sector. Through this Project, awareness of policy makers in local and central levels of urban multi-dimensional poverty issues will be improved. Domestic and international experience in and knowledge of reduction of urban multi-dimensional poverty will be shared and discussed at national level, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and with other cities and municipal areas of Vietnam so that creative and appropriate measures will be identified and implemented to monitor and reduce urban poverty in particular and poverty in general at national level to implement Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Vietnam Socio-economic Development Strategy and Plan.

What are the project's key results?

The project will directly contribute to Output 1.1.3, Outcome 1.1, UN Focus Area 1. in One Plan. Specifically:

Outcome 1.1: By 2016, Key national institutions formulate and monitor people-centred, ‘green’ and evidence-based socio-economic development policies to ensure the quality of growth in Viet Nam as a middle-income country
Output 1.1.3: A multi-dimensional and human development approach is adopted in the poverty reduction components of socio-economic development plans at national and sub-national level to effectively address chronic and emerging forms of poverty

Through its support to strenthening of the information system for monitoring multi-dimentional poverty in urban areas, the proposed project will contribute to Output 1.1.1, Outcome 1.1, UN Focus Area 1. Specifically:

Output 1.1.1. Strengthened capacities of data producers, providers and users for socio-economic development planning and monitoring .

Finance, Executing and Implementing Agency

Project Number Funding Executing Agency Implementing Agency
68983 2,200,000 USD UNDP, Ho Chi Minh city People’s Committee Ho Chi Minh city Steering Committee for Poverty Reduction and Increase of Better-off Households

Delivery in Previous Fiscal Year

Year Delivery (USD)
2012 6,216
2013 463,607
2014 393,837
2015 297,987

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