Environment, Climate Change & Disasters

Viet Nam, a natural disaster prone country particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, faces new challenges as it continues its development journey. A growing population, increased urbanization and rapid economic development are posing great pressures on natural resources and the environment, while economic growth patterns and technologies are not energy efficient, leading to rising greenhouse gas emissions. Together, these high impact issues have collided to threaten the country’s sustainable development.

Our Goals

In the partnership with the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Global Environment Fund (GEF), US Agency for International Development (USAID), Low Emission Capacity Building programme (LECB), Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID) and other international organizations, UNDP support Viet Nam to respond effectively to climate change, natural disasters and ensure environmental sustainability. Under the One Plan 2017-2021, UNDP supports Viet Nam to accelerate its transition to a low-carbon economy, and enhance its adaptation and resilience to climate change and disaster risk. It also works to enhance the sustainable management of natural capital, biodiversity and ecosystem services to improve the environment quality while contributing to the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.more

Environment, Climate Change & Disasters

Through policy advice and technical assistance to national and sub-national institutions, UNDP is a leading partner for sustainable development. Our support is focused in five main areas of work: climate change and green growth, energy efficiency, REDD+, biodiversity conservation and environmental management as well as disaster risk reduction.more

Our Stories

Go inside when storm comes and go upstairs when it floods!

People here consider housing to be their most valuable asset, but it is also most vulnerable to natural disasters, particularly in the coastal provinces, the most disaster-prone region of the country. Therefore, storm resilient-housing is vital to saving lives and mitigating property loss.More 

Storm-resistant houses increase resilience of the coastal affected communities

Typhoon Damrey, also referred to as storm number 12, was considered the deadliest storm of 2017, in Viet Nam. It battered Khanh Hoa province on 4 November, devastating some of the poorest communities of the South-Central coastal region.More 

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