“A new day on Chuon Lagoon” won the first prize of photo contest for wetland conservation

Aug 25, 2018

Photo: A new day on Chuon Lagoon

Ha Noi, August 25, 2018 – After a selection of nearly 400 photos for the contest "Wetlands: Conservation and Development", "A New Day on Chuon Lagoon" photo of Mr. Nguyen Truc was awarded the first prize this morning. This contest aimed to raise public awareness on the importance of wetland ecosystems.

This contest is part of the project "Conservation of Critical Wetland Protected Areas and Linked Landscapes" supported by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and the UN Development Program (UNDP), and implemented by the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment. Participants sent their photos between the 16/7/2018 and the 15/8/2018, in collaboration with the Photo Coffee Club.

Every photo reflected the beauty and the importance of wetlands in people’s lives, for animals and for plants. The 50 best photos were selected, and the organizing committee chose 10 out of these to receive a prize. The second prize was awarded to author Nguyen Viet Cuong with "Ngao Dan" photo and to Nguyen Ngoc Thien with his work "Coral reefs of Hon Yen ". Three more third prizes were awarded.

Viet Nam holds more than 10 million hectares of wetland which accounts for 30% of its territory. According to the Ramsar Convention, there are 42 types of wetlands in the world. 39 types exist in Viet Nam in freshwater, brackish and marine waters. They are natural and man-made.

Wetland ecosystems play a critical role for Vietnamese population, and especially for its food security. It allows different economic activities to take place such as agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. However, in recent years, the surface of ​​natural wetland areas has been seriously reduced due to human reclamation activities. This occurs when wetlands are turned into aquaculture. Marine exploitation and agricultural production also have adverse impacts on wetland conservation.

The project "Conservation of Critical Wetland Protected Areas and Linked Landscapes" started in 2015 and is scheduled to end in 2018. It aims to establish new wetland conservation sites and build local and regional capacity for their effective management and minimize the current and emerging threats from linked landscapes.

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Phan Huong Giang, Media and Communications Analyst

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