Date:          14.00-15.30, Thursday 08 November 2018
Awarding ceremony of the online speaking competition on biodiversity
Hoi truong 700, Hoc vien tai chinh, 58 Le Van Hien, Quan Bac Tu Liem

-      Ms. Hoang Thi Thanh Nhan, Deputy Director, Biodiversity Conservation Agency, Viet Nam Environment Administration
-      Mr. Doan Hong Ha, Deputy Director General, Department of Political affairs and student services – Ministry of Education and Training
-      Nguyen Ngoc Luong, Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
-      Journalist Nguyen Huy Loc – Editor in Chief of Viet Nam Student Magazine
-      Assoc. Professor, Dr. Nguyen Trong Co – Rector of the Academy of Finance
-      Competition participants, teachers, students, MC, singers & dancers,
-      Mass media,

I still remember on the International Day on Biodiversity 22 May, I launched this competition – online Speaking Competition on sustainable development goals on biodiversity and financial mechanisms on biodiversity.  

It’s a delight for me to be here this afternoon at this awarding ceremony. I was informed that many videos were received, and the selection committee was very impressed with the videos.

In 2010, governments globally agreed and committed to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The Strategic Plan provides an overarching framework on biodiversity and inputs for the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As 2020 is approaching, the post-2020 Biodiversity Framework is being developed and expected to be agreed soon.

In Viet Nam, UNDP has joined with the Government of Viet Nam to conserve biodiversity and stop biodiversity degradation and loss, to achieve the Aichi targets. There have been major progresses, including promulgation of relevant laws and legal documents, establishment of the comprehensive protected areas system, and increasing the forest and conservation areas.

To conserve biodiversity, finance is a challenge. The global Biodiversity Finance Initiative – BIOFIN has been implemented in more than 30 countries to address the biodiversity finance issues. Different financial mechanisms – country tailor-made solutions - have been proposed. For example, Indonesia has demonstrated the opportunities to access Islamic Finance for green investments. In Viet Nam, we are piloting financing mechanism for nature museums and result-based budgeting. If a half of visitors to Cuc Phuong National Park visit the park’s museum, it’s expected that an additional $70,000-$100,000 is available annually for the park for biodiversity conservation.

The competition was launched between June and August 2018. By the closing date, 72 videos were received. Each video has its own character, but all shows how passionate, delicate and creative you are.

I hope all of you, not only just 72 participants or 6 winners, will continue to contribute to the efforts to conserve biodiversity. I hope the competition has ignited the determination to protect and conserve our biodiversity and to find solutions for our valuable biodiversity.

We, UNDP, commits to continue to work in partnership with MONRE and other Vietnamese agencies to achieve the vision “By 2050, biodiversity is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used, maintaining ecosystem services, sustaining a healthy planet and delivering benefits essential for all people.”

I would like to close by saying a special note of appreciation to our partners BCA– VEA & the Student Magazine in organizing this competition.

To our winners, congratulations to you all. I hope you can bring your knowledge and passion forward.

To our student participants. Even though you do not receive the prize but your participation in the contest has shown your interest in conserving our biodiversity. Let’s keep that momentum.

To the Youth Union and the Academy of Finance for supporting to organize this event.

And to the MCs, singers, and the mass media for the successful organization of this ceremony.

UNDP is committed to supporting VN’s biodiversity conservation effort in the future.

Thank you/ Xin cảm ơn

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