As published in Online Newspaper of the Government on 15 November 2021

VGP – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is very impressed with the Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s statement at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), which encourages other countries to increase their ambitions.

In an interview with the Viet Nam Government Portal, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. in Viet Nam Terence D. Jones welcomed Viet Nam to join the pledge to end the use of coal in power plants as well as participate in the collective effort to stop deforestation. These are very important commitments to net-zero emissions by 2050.

“We are also impressed by the focus on the people-centered approach that the acts of climate justice and equity should drive the decision making so that everybody benefit from the process”, he emphasized, adding that the decision-making in the Government should be influenced to the future by attention to the climate and to nature that are foundations to a sustainable society.

The clear announcement by the Government will provide decision makers in the Government, in the private sector, in communities with the right direction to make their own decision to help contribute to reaching those targets by 2050, the UNDP Resident Representative a.i. recommended.

The major issue at the conference is the commitment of developed nations to continue to support in a more ambitious way the efforts of the countries like Viet Nam in transforming their economies and society.

The UNDP and other United Nations’ organizations will join the Prime Minister in seeking great international support and contribute strongly to support the Government’s ambitions.

Regarding measures and solutions for Viet Nam to achieve targets proposed at the COP26, Terence D. Jones supposed that the start can be made by reviewing exiting plans to adjust them to reflect the new targets.

For example, at this point, the Draft Master Plan VIII is under review. And that is an obvious place to start to address the goals of reducing the dependence on coal, particularly in the energy sector. It also is an enabling factor for promoting new policies, new investments in renewable energy.

Viet Nam has tremendous potential in solar and wind power. And therefore, revising those plans are setting the scene for private investors to take advantage of the new set of policies.

He stressed the need to look in more detail at some of the major energy users in the economy whether it's construction, the transportation sector and industry and agriculture.

In construction, for example, the UNDP has been supporting an effort to reduce the energy use high rise buildings in Viet Nam by using modern technologies to reduce the use of energy and to take advantage of such opportunities that solar power generated from buildings.

In the transportation sector, the UNDP has been also trying to support experimentation in e-mobility, how to promote the use of electric motorbikes, sharing of transportation.

The first metro line project is operating in Ha Noi, underscored Terence D. Jones, adding that improving the access to public transportation is another important dimension changing consumption patterns.

In terms of industry and agriculture, the Government has put in place a very strong effort now to promote the circular economy and the UNDP has supported them in conceiving that effort.

The UNDP launched a circular economy hub to try to bring all the stakeholders together to see how best to support business, support of communities in promoting a circular economy. Because that will be also not only improve the use of resources, improve competitiveness in Viet Nam’s industry and agriculture but also reduce emissions. 

The UNDP Resident Representative stressed the significance of the commitment to stop deforestation and place an importance on making the best use of expanding forests in Viet Nam as they not only can address some issues of climate change, water scarcity and management of water resources but they can also help as carbon sinks to reduce emissions.

The UNDP is supporting an effort to develop and regenerate mangroves in coastal areas which will stop the impact of climate change but also they act as a carbon sink.

Terence D. Jones stated that the National Assembly has an important role to play in this transformation of policies to meet the zero emissions target by trying to provide support to the Government in taking forward the policies and investments needed to reach these ambitious targets.

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