From Quang Binh to Tokyo

an exemplary story of Cao Ngoc Hung, one of the first athletes from Viet Nam to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics  

Livestreaming from farm to table

Binh Thuan’s dragon fruit farmers promote their “green” and environment-friendly dragon fruits to the domestic market via livestreaming and e-commerce.  

Sweet success

In Viet Nam, smallholder farmers are turning to beekeeping and other alternative livelihoods for climate-resilient income in an initiative backed by the GCF and UNDP.  

Nature-based Solutions in youth climate projects

The Youth4Climate team at UNDP Viet Nam has curated a series of profiles and interviews with representatives from youth climate projects that apply Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to climate action.  

Learning From Stories of Made-in-Vietnam Social Innovation, as Told by 4 Experts

The stories were told concurrently, each participant could only choose one story to listen to. Then they had the chance to be in small groups with other people from different story circles to share…  

When the storm is over

During October and November 2020, central Viet Nam was impacted by a series of successive intense storms, cyclones, and record-level floods. More than 230 people were reported dead or missing, and at…  

Poor ethnic minorities working in fabric cooperatives received support to overcome difficulties due to COVID-19

Many people belonging to ethnic minorities working in fabric cooperatives in Ha Giang were unemployed during border closure and travel restrictions, which resulted in the closure of these…  

Why are Vietnamese youth taking action on climate change

The photo series includes the stories of three young people who started working on climate action due to their long personal experience of the effects of climate change, out of love for their…  


a success story from Korea-Viet Nam Mine Action Project, written by Nguyen Thanh Van and Nguyen Minh Chau  

Beekeeping and mangrove help local lives become better

The six-member family of Vu Tan Suu has been engaging in keeping honey bees for a few years, with just enough income to make ends meet. Each bee colony could produce only 2-3kg of honey, with low…  

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