When the storm is over

During October and November 2020, central Viet Nam was impacted by a series of successive intense storms, cyclones, and record-level floods. More than 230 people were reported dead or missing, and at…  

Poor ethnic minorities working in fabric cooperatives received support to overcome difficulties due to COVID-19

Many people belonging to ethnic minorities working in fabric cooperatives in Ha Giang were unemployed during border closure and travel restrictions, which resulted in the closure of these…  

Why are Vietnamese youth taking action on climate change

The photo series includes the stories of three young people who started working on climate action due to their long personal experience of the effects of climate change, out of love for their…  

Beekeeping and mangrove help local lives become better

The six-member family of Vu Tan Suu has been engaging in keeping honey bees for a few years, with just enough income to make ends meet. Each bee colony could produce only 2-3kg of honey, with low…  

Farmers of Thanh Hoa province have escaped prolonged poverty with models of black tiger shrimp farming

In defiance of difficulties induced by climate change, natural disasters, and output markets, many farmers in Nga Son district of the north-central province of Thanh Hoa have escaped prolonged poverty…  

Driving Diversity with Denim

Leading denim manufacturer SAITEX and UNDP partner to drive employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Viet Nam.  

Resilient homes rescue those in storm- and flood-hit areas

Visually-impaired Nguyen Thi Ba has been living alone since her mother passed away last year. The 63-year-old wished that her mother could come back to life to witness their biggest dream come true –…  

UXO-free land new home to farmers from flood-prone areas

In anticipation of this year’s flood and storm season, farmers living in the flood-prone areas have been relocated to a higher area in Cat Nhon commune, Phu Cat district in Binh Dinh province.  

Electronic Payments - Life-changing Technology for Social Protection in Times of COVID-19

A story on UNDP support to MOLISA for test ing and fast-tracking e-payment and other digital solutions, written by Doan Hu Minh, Programme Analyst, UNDP in Viet Nam  

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